Supply chains in harmony

What we produce cannot be grasped with hands. But you can use it to make things interlock. We are digital service providers and move predominantly in virtual spheres, where we communicate in developer languages that not everyone is proficient in. Our products are used when processes in the real world need to run smoothly. For example, in a company with multi-tiered production lines or long supply chains.

Countless steps are required to either assemble various individual items into a single product, e.g. a machine made up of hundreds of components, or to bring things to a specific location, such as a delivery package to a door. Everyone can imagine that a lot can go wrong in these kind of processes. But we have proven that such processes can also be harmonized and cleverly arranged so that nothing else goes wrong. And we prove it every day anew.

We make digital wheels work

Serving companies with over 1000 employees is exactly what we do. Because these companies usually have to manage complex processes, which can be a real tour de force considering their specialization, structuring and variability. We make sure that the digital machinery installed behind the real processes runs smoothly. This is important to keep an overview and avoid friction.

Because every mistake at a certain point in a supply chain, production or management system causes many times more unnecessary costs and time to be spent on the next step. And no company can afford that in the long run. We work with digital tools called SAP, Java or Office. With them, we bring order and harmony to the processes. And we make sure that the tools are used correctly. If there is a problem, you can call our professional support team – 24/7.

Take the blinders off

Create harmony and avoid friction: We work according to this principle not only for our customers when we advise them, but also with each other when we help each other. With us, no one works alone on their project, we work in teams. Together. Whenever one of us starts to think about a problem, the other knows what to do. To have a closed mind is not allowed in our company.

Because we think it’s fun and happy to give a colleague a hand or solve tricky problems for a client. And they could not be more different: Automotive suppliers, chemical companies, food producers or logistics companies – we are well versed in all industries. When we take a close look at a company, we quickly see its strengths and weaknesses. We offer solutions and expertise that have been tried and tested over many years, even though each time we are faced with a new task that needs to be mastered.

We don’t care about hierarchies

Flat hierarchies shorten decision-making paths, accelerate communication and motivate employees. This is how we work: at eye level. After all, we are together all day – often even after work. We are more than colleagues, we are like-minded people who also like each other privately. We’re a motley crew, employ over 600 people, are at home in four locations, speak over 20 languages and are as polyglot and unique as the companies we work for.

Oh yes, and we talk to you. The intern, who’s only been here one day, but also Dieter, who founded the company almost twenty years ago. Anyone who gets involved with us makes fast progress. Because we all pull together. Because we have the same goal in mind, in the way we treat each other and in what we do. That’s why we are not only looking for experts with specialist knowledge, but also for people with empathy and understanding.

We are looking for people with heart and IT-knowledge

If you want to take the next step in your career, are fresh out of university or want to put your IT knowledge to good use, you’ve come to the right place. We hire experienced IT experts and university graduates, we train young IT talents and we offer first insights to students during internships. We also offer many benefits, such as flexible working hours, modern offices with a great view, fruit and drinks for all employees and other details that make the working day easier.

You can get to work with us from day one, we have enough to do. And you also experience community from the very first minute. A tutor accompanies our newcomers on their first steps in the company and supports their development. In this way, we offer professional and personal perspectives for all those who are not only looking for a 9 to 5 job, but also want to make more out of their lives.