Explore the Mainfranken Region

The Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area is the perfect place for anybody dreaming of a house in the country, with a big yard, in a beautiful natural setting – only a few minutes away from the nearest town. Do you love to hike, bike or swim? Shopping in small boutiques, enjoying a happy hour drink in the neighborhood – Mainfranken’s cities have got you covered.

Living in Mainfranken means not having to deal with congestion or long commutes. In Mainfranken, the urban setting is intimate. Our life-style is relaxed, uncomplicated and easy going. There is plenty of space for children to play. Parents don’t spend hours on the road and families enjoy a lot of quality outdoor time. There are a thousand possibilities. Urban adventures in the cities of Würzburg and Schweinfurt included. Life here is just a little more peaceful, a little more sane, without the hustle and bustle of big cities

Mainfranken – here you can arrange life just the way you want it. Start your journey here.

Würzburg City: life in the pleasant lane
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Kaffee im Vordergrund, im Hintergrund der Main und die Festung i Würzburg
Würzburg County: when you don’t want to miss out on anything
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eine Gruppe von Kindern sitzt zusammen im Hofgarten in Würzburg und unterhalten sich
Schweinfurt City: the tranquil center of europe – is making some noise
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Building on a sunny day in the city Schweinfurt in the region mainfranken
Schweinfurt County: family-friendly countryside
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Drohnenaufnahme über die grünen Felder im Landkreis Schweinfurt bei schönem Wetter
Kitzingen: a great combination
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Blick über den Main auf die Stadt Kitzingen im
Main-Spessart: woods and successful industries
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Altes Gebäude mit Blick in den Himmel im Landkreis Main Spessart
Bad Kissingen: rural, serene – and with a great future
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Blick auf den Regentenbau im Landkreis
Rhön-Grabfeld: land of wide open spaces
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Blick auf alte Häuser
Haßberge: hidden champions and global competitors
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Blick auf Grabengärten von Zeil am Main im Landkreis Hassberge