Bad Kissingen

Leben und Arbeiten im Landkreis Bad Kissingen

Rural, Serene – and with a Great Future

Located between the Rhön highlands and the Main River Valley is a piece of perfect world. Find yourself surrounded by a natural paradise of pastures, forests and gently rolling hills. At the same time, the district is considered a top ten newcomer to the list of areas with a great future ahead of them.

Life is easy here

More and more people call this area home. We are not surprised. It is so beautiful here. Peaceful nature all around, good jobs and great housing. It’s all right here.

View over the river Main on an old red bridge in the district of Bad Kissingen

Good education, good health, good infrastructure – the district by the numbers

Seal of Quality

The Bad Kissingen School District is the recipient of an educational seal of quality so you can be at peace with your children’s education.

4 out of 5 people

Say they are very or somewhat happy with the quality of life in the area. This is thanks to clean air, a low density of cars, low crime rates, low real estate costs and rents, availability of living space, jobs plus natural, cultural and recreational opportunities. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön is just outside the door.

8 minutes

Is the average time it takes to get to the Autobahn by car. Also the high-speed train system has two major hubs about 25 minutes away: Fulda to the North and Würzburg to the South.

40 clinics

There are more than 40 rehabilitation clinics and health and wellness facilities here due to the mineral-rich artesian well water that comes from deep within the volcanic rocks of the Rhön. Add to that 150 established physicians and four hospitals.

€ 27,200

Is the average, annual GDP. The unemployment rate is a mere 3.8 percent. Compared to the rest of the Mainfranken region, the construction sector is exceptionally strong and a major employer. Not surprisingly, healthcare and the wellness sector also employ a high number of people thanks to the many artesian wells in the district and all over the Rhön region.




A canoe tour through the Saale Valley between Hammelburg and Gemünden is perfect for the entire family. It’s a leisurely paddle past meadows and you may even get a glimpse of a fairy dancing, maybe.

Canoe Touring through the Saale Valley




Bundles of blackthorn branches are integrated in-between the wooden beams of the Bad Kissingen salt graduation tower. The salt water runs through the tower and salt-rich water droplets evaporate into the air, creating a health-producing microclimate. The effects are similar to the climate at the North Sea. Amazing!

Graduation Tower Bad Kissingen




There are many romantic nooks where you can picnic, exercise or simply relax. Hammocks under big shade trees are just as inviting as are any of the many benches and lounge chairs. A sight to see in the summer is the wild rose promenade and its more than 30 varieties of roses.

Luitpoldpark Bad Kissingen

We can do that

Our largest employment sectors are healthcare, construction (the most robust in all of the Mainfranken region) and the service industry. Add to that mechanical engineering, automotive industry, medical technology as well as paper and packaging industry. 31,919 employees earn a living in the district.

The district office as employer For more

a customer with brown hair gets a massage in the district of Bad Kissingen, as made for you

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