Klinik König Ludwig Haus Würzburg

The Hospital König Ludwig Haus consists of two specialty clinics: the Orthopedic Hospital König Ludwig Haus – with 105 patient beds one of the largest orthopedic hospitals in the country – and the Center for Mental Health at the König Ludwig Haus – open since 2017.

The Hospital König Ludwig Haus is operated by the Unterfranken District.

Two, Separate Departments under One Roof

Auch wenn Orthopädie und seelische Gesundheit auf den ersten Blick weit auseinanderliegen: In der Klinik teilt man sich Verwaltung, Pflegedirektion, Küche… Und natürlich gibt es auch einen fachlichen Austausch. So profitieren die Bereiche voneinander – inhaltlich und ja – auch atmosphärisch.

Orthopedics and mental health

Orthopedics and mental health don’t seem to have too much in common, but the hospital has a central administration, housekeeping division and kitchen. And, of course, there is a lot of professional exchange. Both facilities benefit from each other, clinically and also as far as the atmosphere is concerned

The Orthopedic Hospital König Ludwig Haus was founded more than 100 years ago. Today, the medical center offers top-of-the-line care and diagnostics related to orthopedic injuries and conditions. Patients from all over the world receive surgical as well as conservative treatments, anything modern orthopedic medicine has to offer. The hospital has been a teaching hospital for the University of Würzburg Medical School for a long time and since 2013, the medical center has been certified to provide advanced joint replacement services to its patients. The König Ludwig Haus has made the FOCUS list as a Best Orthopedic Hospital in Germany for a number of years.

mental health facility

In 2017, the König Ludwig Haus was expanded to include a mental health facility. This department is a center for the diagnosis and treatment of all psychological disorders. It has 60 inpatient beds, a day clinic with 24 spaces, and a psychiatric urgent care. The center is an acute care facility and specializes in general psychological treatments, with a special emphasis on the treatment of depression, PTSD, and anxiety disorders.

Work with Friends

The atmosphere at the König Ludwig Haus is familial. Since we are relatively small, everybody knows everybody else, and it feels like being amongst family and friends. Different departments work together closely and are always interested in learning from each other.

Our Main Concern: The Health and Well-being of our Employees

The health and well-being of our employees is a major concern of the König Ludwig Haus. To this end, there is a company wellness program that continues to be expanded yoga, Pilates and a healthy back class are among the current offerings. Also very popular is our cafeteria food: every day, employees and guests can choose between three different lunch options prepared on site from fresh ingredients.