REHA-ZENTRUM Bad Kissingen – Rhön and Saale Hospitals

At the Bavarian Resort and Spa Town of Bad Kissingen health is spelled with a capital H! It is a perfect location for the Reha-Zentrum Bad Kissingen: guests can relax in the baths and get professional rehabilitative care at the clinic.

The Reha-Zentrum Bad Kissingen consists of two facilities, one in Rhön and one in Saale, and it is part of a nationwide chain of hospitals operated by the German Retirement Fund. At the Reha-Zentrum Bad Kissingen, patients receive rehabilitation for psychosomatic and metabolic illnesses.

Rhön Clinic: Psychosomatic illnesses, including depression, burnout syndrome, and other fatigue inducing syndromes.

Saale Clinic: Metabolic diseases, such as type I and type II diabetes, adiposity and related illnesses.

Therapy Concept

Rhön Clinic: The psychotherapeutic approach at the Rhön Clinic centers on group therapy sessions and the use of depth psychology.

Treatment includes a basic therapeutic design that is adapted to the individual needs of each patient. Modalities include psychotherapy, medical treatments, counseling, and behavior-modification training.

Saale Clinic: The clinic specializes in counseling and movement therapy. Depending on the clinical diagnosis, diabetes or adiposity, patients are assigned specific training regimens, to educate and make them an expert of their condition.

The Saale Clinic is fully accredited to provide the latest diabetes care and therapies.

The Reha-Zentrum Bad Kissingen provides its patients with realistic goals that are achievable.

Home-Work Balance

To keep the work-life balance in check, the Reha-Zentrum Bad Kissingen offers family-friendly work schedules, competitive pay and vacation time, and many continuing education opportunities.

The Reha-Zentrum Bad Kissingen is a great place to work for anybody desiring to be part of a multi-professional team consisting of physicians, physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, nurses, kitchen staff, housekeeping, and administrative professionals. We are looking forward to your application!