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Who We Are

Strahlentherapie (Radiation Therapy) Main-Franken is a member of the “RadioOnkologie” network. We utilize innovative technology to provide the full spectrum of the newest and most effective radiation therapies for our patients. The offices of Dr. Paheenthararajah and Hr.Ruci provide cutting edge medical treatments to patients and secure jobs in a meaningful profession for employees.

What Makes Us Special

Our success is built on the work of motivated, well qualified and well utilized employees. Our offices are equipped with the latest technology and the newest therapy machines from Varian, the leading radiation therapy equipment provider in the world. Our treatment areas are bright and appealing to help our patients feel comfortable and improve treatment outcomes.

Our Employees Love Working For Us Because…

…our work environment is full of team spirit, openness and harmony. Our number one priority is to value, trust, and take care of our employees and patients. Our patients are at the core of what we do and, every day, we provide excellent care for them. Our motto is: “Together – For Each Other.”

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