Degenbergklinik Hospital Bad Kissingen

The Degenbergklinik in the resort town of Bad Kissingen is a privately owned rehabilitation facility that offers in- and outpatient treatment in a number of different medical specialties, including internal medicine, cardiology, diabetes, angiology, and orthopedics. The hospital is located high above the city in the 20 acre Degenberg Forest and Park. The hospital campus consists of six separate clinic buildings that are surrounded by beautiful nature, hiking trails, and serenity.

Scope of Services

193 staff members are taking care of the medical needs of hospital in- and outpatients. An experienced team of physicians and therapists work together to provide comprehensive, rehabilitative care and an interdisciplinary approach. Also offered are a variety of behavior and movement therapies, including strength training, movement therapy, inhalation therapy, electrotherapy, medical baths, nutritional counseling, educational classes, and psychological counseling.

These services are provided in well-equipped treatment rooms, utilizing the most modern therapeutic equipment and approaches.

The Degenbergklink is certified and fully accredited.

A University of Würzburg Teaching Hospital

In order to provide the best possible therapeutic care, a team of medical specialists works closely with experts from other acute care hospitals and medical facilities in the region, as well as the University of Würzburg Medical School.

The Degenbergklinik has been a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Würzburg Medical School, Medical Rehabilitation Department, since 2011. University of Würzburg medical students can do internships here and attend clinical education classes. The hospital also collaborates in clinical research with the Bad Kissingen Klinikum and the University Klinikum.

The Degenbergklinik is accredited to provide continuing education classes in all areas of social medicine, physical and rehabilitative medicine, internal medicine and cardiology.

What Distinguishes the Degenbergklinik as an Employer

At the Degenbergklinik, we value medically competent patient care and the motivated team work of our staff. But the leadership of our family business also makes sure we use all of our resources wisely, take care of our employees, and maintain a positive and enlightened work atmosphere. Last but not least, transparency is important to us: on the inside and the outside.

Additional Benefits

As part of our health management program, employees are able to use any services the Degenbergklinik offers. Other benefits we offer include:

  • Innovative pay options
  • Company long-term care benefits
  • Bonus time off for outside continuing education classes
  • Continuing education financial support
  • Tutoring for internal and external apprentices
  • Bonuses for good grades for our apprentices
  • The freedom to implement your own ideas