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A pioneering spirit and the power of innovation – these are the qualities that have propelled the DT Collective to a market leadership position. Located in Bad Bocklet, DT offers everything dental laboratories need and, for more than 40 years, our ideas have transformed the industry.

Today, we employ almost 300 people and offer our customers more than 65,000 products – as in the largest assortment of dental medical supplies in the world. Eva Maria Roer started DT in 1978 with the idea of selling dental supplies through a catalog. AS it turned out, the time was ripe for that innovative business idea and our DT&SHOP catalog soon became the bible of dental supplies. It became a fixture in dentists’ offices all over the world until the internet revolutionized the world of sales. We were quick to adapt to that change as well.

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We have always been a few steps ahead of the competition. We installed our first computer in 1980 and hired our first computer programmer in 1983. We were at home in the digital world long before the word digital went mainstream. We started selling products to customers in other countries in 1993. Today, aside from our headquarters and a sales office in Nuremberg, we have subsidiaries all over Europe. We ship to over 100 countries and our staff speaks 15 languages.

„What distinguishes DT&SHOP from other companies is how international we are. Every day, I’m in contact with customers from all over the world. I have many responsibilities, which I like. A few years ago I moved on to a different company, but decided to come back. I prefer the atmosphere here and many of my colleagues have become good friends."

Asli Uysan
Key Account Customer Service Agent


We recognized early on that sustained success depends on diversification. So we successfully launched into new markets and, aside from our core business selling dental medical supplies and cutting-edge durable goods, we now offer other products as well. We have our own brand of dental lab supplies “FINO” and we started a division “DT&GoldArt” that supplies gold and silver smiths as well as clockmakers and restaurateurs. We have our own milling center and, for almost 20 years, we have used CAD and CAM technology to produce a variety of machines for milling technology and 3D printing. The broadness of our product lines and our services, as well as our continued emphasis on upholding high standards, have helped us grow into a worldwide enterprise.

„One thing I have always liked about DT&SHOP is that I get to create change and grow professionally. Every day, I deal with diverse people with diverse abilities from diverse cultures. And we all work together to develop new ideas and exciting products for a future-oriented market. Anybody who wants to be successful in their career will be able to do so here.“

Yannick Steinborn
Product Management Director


Our boss, Eva Maria Roer, also blazed new trails when it comes to employee management. At DT as well as at TOTAL EQUALITY, a non-profit she co-founded, she has been relentlessly fighting for equal opportunities for both genders and for greater diversity in the work place. Our work place is inclusive, we welcome new ideas and support personal development. We employ people looking for professional challenges who are motivated to help shape our future. Our work spaces are well appointed and artistic to underscore our commitment to innovation. We collaborate with trade organizations and colleges to train apprentices and interns in ten different career paths. Our team consists of motivated and engaged people that get frequent opportunities for continuing education. We do this for their sake and to keep us competitive.

„I’m especially fond of the friendly work environment here and my over 1,000 customers from all over the world. Easy access to management, enjoyable work, a beautiful location and flexible work schedules make for an ideal work place. Everybody is helpful and eager to solve problems together.“

Abdo Isaac
International Markets Customer Service Agent


We offer great family benefits, such as flexible hours and work-at-home options to enable our employees to balance work and family obligations. When we are looking for new staff, we always consider unsolicited applications as well.

Even though we are a worldwide company, Bad Bocklet remains our home. We value its location and are committed to this region at the southern edge of the Bayerische Rhön Nature Park. This is one of the most beautiful areas in Germany, centrally located, offering great infrastructure and a high quality of life. It’s a perfect place for developing new ideas, products and markets. A home for our pioneering spirit and innovative power for over 40 years.




Our company founder is an art collector and she decorates our work spaces with those pieces. There is art to explore everywhere. This fosters an environment of creativity and constant exploration.



A nice location helps people work better. We like spending our lunch breaks in our beautiful orchard. Staff is encouraged to help themselves to apples from the tree when they are hungry or to enjoy fresh, made-from-scratch meals at our cafeteria.
Christmas Party



When we celebrate, you can tell that we all get along well. Every employee participates in our Christmas party. We enjoy what we do: At work as well as in our personal lives.