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The FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH

Custom-Made SAP Solutions

Are you a tech savvy who enjoys digital applications and SAP in particular? If so, FIS is a great fit for you. As a certified provider, we offer everything related to SAP to our customers: From consultation to implementation, to long-term uses and support. We specialize in the development of individual SAP solutions and optimization. To that end, we are actively recruiting qualified individuals for the areas of consulting, programming, and customer support.

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FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH
Röthleiner Weg 1
97506 Grafenrheinfeld
P +49 (0)9723 9188 0


FIS in Three Words…

We are asked frequently what makes us stand out. Together with our employees, we have defined our values as: imaginative, collaborative, and down-to-earth. The imagination part is self-explanatory. Every day, we come up with ideas for solutions and their implementation for our clients. But we use our imagination for more mundane tasks as well, e.g. when organizing a company event during a pandemic. Our annual summer fest morphed into a virtual barbeque party, so that our employees felt less isolated in their home offices.

„Being promoted to Officer in Charge at FIS was a big deal for me. It made me feel proud, but I also was grateful for the enormous amount of trust they showed in me. My boss here mentored and supported me from day one and now I have the opportunity to return that favor, and to help mentor the young people on our team today."

Raphael Zundel
Officer in Charge and Director of New Customer Sales, Line of Business Solutions

FIS is Family, not just Work

This brings us to the second value: collaborative. Team work, unity, and trust are very important to us. We consider ourselves a family. Our culture is casual and everybody works together. We have an open door policy and are always willing to listen to each other. We understand that our success depends on having a well-functioning team.

„At FIS it is truly the people that make all the difference. I am sure, I could find a similar job elsewhere, but I don’t think I will ever find a better work atmosphere. The saying “FIS is family” is absolutely true. How many large companies do you know where the CEO personally congratulates employees for passing their final exams?“

Michelle Schneider
Software Developer

Your New Job: Simply FIStastic!

Even though FIS now has five different locations, we are still down-to-earth and committed to our roots in Grafenrheinfeld. This is where your new job awaits at the FIS Campus. It’s an outstanding place to work that was awarded the “Best Workplace Award” in 2020. What that means for you is modern, climate-controlled offices, fully equipped employee kitchens, height-adjustable desks, and so much more.

At FIS, you can schedule your work flexibly and you can work remotely. We are committed to providing all of our associates with secure job assignments and FIS is synonymous with long-term secure employment. The demand in the SAP sector is huge and, therefore, we have a lot of work and a lot to get accomplished. We support our employees by offering continuing education and our FIS Intensive Leadership Training Program to help our people advance into leadership positions.

„My work as a consultant is intrinsically varied: I get to participate in exciting projects and I get to see a lot of different things. I am still cherishing the memory of a lively “Go Live Party” of a customer in Istanbul that included a river cruise on the Bosporus. That was an absolute highlight!“

Antje Diekhoff
Consulting Financials and Transition

We Care – About You and the Environment

Since we care about the well-being of our associates, we invest in their health as well. We offer well day benefits and we participate in a healthcare expense cost share program. We offer “fruit days” where we provide free produce for an immune system boost. The fruit offered is provided by local growers and it is whatever is in season locally at the time, since we also like to operate sustainably. We have solar panels on our roof, electric car charging stations and we have eBikes that we lease, so our employees can use them. We are responsible as an employer and a corporate entity. We achieved our big goal of becoming carbon neutral in 2022. Now we are ready for more challenges and we are confident that we will continue to operate successfully under our corporate motto: “Finding the Best Solutions Safely.”

The Snack Speedster



To cover distances that are too far for a quick walk, but too short for a drive, we have our “snack speedster.” The bicycle can be loaned out by all employees and it is the perfect vehicle to take care of errands during the lunch break. It also helps us stay fit and it is good for the environment!
25-Year Anniversary Party



Our 25-Year Anniversary Party was unforgettable. For the event, we brought together the entire FIS family and partners, as well as former employees. The entire day was marked by the shared sense of belonging. It was palpable how proud all participants were of all we have accomplished together. The party was accordingly grand…
Health Management



During our well days, our employees’ well-being is front and center. There are lectures and workshops to educate and inform about how to get through your day fit and healthily. We learn about back exercises, get smoothie recipes and, of course, we try everything right there and then as a team.
Summer Fest 2021 – Virtual Barbeque Party



Due to the pandemic, our 2021 summer fest turned into a virtual grill fest. With the help of a professional barbeque chef and per webcam, our management team broadcast how to make the perfect barbeque. So that our employees at their home offices could participate and grill at home, they had been provided with grill package that included a shopping list, tongs and sauces.