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Finding Solutions Cooperatively

We have provided metallurgic solutions made from iron and aluminum for more than 90 years, and we are still in our original location in the town of Kitzingen. Most of our clients are in the automotive, aviation, and small appliances sectors, but we work with everybody.

We believe that the best solutions are found cooperatively, by looking at an issue from every angle and devising a comprehensive plan. This is how we like to work with our clients, suppliers and employees.

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„It is not unusual here for people to progress from internships to leadership positions. The limited hierarchies and a close-knit work community support opportunities for advancement. Of course it all depends on the individual, their personal goals and strengths. We support our employees’ professional development in whichever way works for them."

Tina Weber
Director of Personnel and Work Management


Any company, Franken Guss included, is like an expedition. You only reach the destination when everybody works together towards that goal, contributing their strengths, their knowledge and expertise fully. Furthermore, expeditions never know what might happen along the way. Every action bears risks and you keep having to overcome challenges. To accomplish all of this, everybody involved has to participate and cooperate. Along the way, we rely on our values that have served us well throughout. On the outside, our expertise, service, innovativeness, and flexibility guide how we interact with our clients and business partners. On the inside, our interactions with each other are defined by respect, trust, integrity, and responsibility. Any way you look at it: cooperation is key.

„The iron foundry is exciting – almost like an adventure park to me. Of course, we are always concerned about safety and take that extremely seriously. But, the first time I saw the Cupola furnace and the stream of iron exiting it, I got goose bumps.“

André Büschel
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic


Since we are constantly faced with new developments and challenges and dealing with the unknown, openness and flexibility are a reality here, not just a catch phrase. It helps that we are a privately owned family company with few hierarchies, short distances and a relaxed atmosphere. We all know each other and are willing to listen and learn from each other. Our general manager Josef Ramthun lives those values every day. He is always approachable and his door is always open.

Ramthun’s motto is “Employees over Profits.” What this means is that taking care of our employees is our number one priority. Of course, as a company, we also have to be profitable. But our emphasis on treating our staff right is palpable throughout the organization. One of our traditions is an annual Christmas celebration where our staff enjoys hot, mulled wine and bratwursts and receives Christmas trees to take home. Our emphasis on employee relations ultimately helps our clients as well. Only when every member of our organization feels valued and appreciated can we provide excellent products and services.


„A number of my friends and family members have worked here over the years. This makes for a very familial atmosphere. Our business manager also is always approachable and his office door is always open. We are a family-owned business and not very large. Contrary to previous work experiences at larger companies, I always feel like my opinion is valued here.“

Tobias Damm
Conceptual Design and Calculation Expert


The “Franken Guss Expedition” relies on investing in our human resources. We realize that we need to be flexible, continually educate ourselves, and develop new strategies, in order to stay competitive and profitable. Investing in our employees equals investing in our future.

We strive to develop personal responsibility in our employees and to prepare them for future challenges. Our corporate culture is one that values and welcomes every individual that joins our team. We select new hires based on their technical skills, leadership qualities, as well as market and customer service needs. We actively create social networks, promote diversity and equality. A key issue for us is to keep up with digitalization. We value in-house training and also proudly offer flexible work schedules, continuing education opportunities, talent development, as well as newly designed break rooms. Just as important to us are family-friendly programs, health days and gym memberships.

It is not uncommon for interns who start out by doing grunt work in our shop to eventually move up into central leadership positions. We like to offer every employee personalized opportunities.


„Team work is very important to us. Especially in the smelting shop we all have to work together and everybody has to do their job. Obviously, this is a lot easier when everybody gets along and enjoys each other’s company even outside of work.“

Timo Burger
Smelting Shop Foreman

Cupola Oven



No doubt, the Cupola oven is the heart of our foundry. All the iron that we later process is melted here. Visitors as well as employees continue to be in awe watching the process. You can tell how their eyes get big.
Employee Cafeteria



We have our own cooks who prepare outstanding meals for our staff. But the cafeteria is also a central meeting place, where people from all different departments get together.
Training Workshop



Many of our employees started out here operating vises and machinery as interns. Today, at our training workshop we teach about 40 young people and get them ready for the world of work. We consider this an investment in the future.