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The Big Picture – and the Details

In construction the big picture matters – and every little detail about it has to be right as well. This may seem like a contradiction, but it has been our company’s guiding principle for over 50 years, successfully. The story of BAURCONSULT began in Hassfurt and to this day, this is an important location for us. You probably have seen a building we constructed in the area, or in a different part of Germany or the world. We have nine locations in Germany where we employ architects, engineers, city planners, geographers, technicians, and construction draft makers.

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We are frequently hired for large construction projects, such as gymnasiums, schools, museums, as well as water and waste water treatment plants. We provide building technology with our buildings. BAURCONSULT is one of few general construction companies in Germany who have all experts needed for large projects under one roof. We handle everything from the design and planning, to feasibility studies and construction oversight. Of course, we also offer any of our services separately as well. But most of our customers want the whole package because the projects move along smoother and everything works out. Sustainability is important to us as well. We are a member of the German Society for Sustainable Construction and are committed to protect the environment. We use as few non-renewable resources as possible and focus on sustainability when we plan our projects.


„I learned technical drafting as a student here and also got my feet wet in electrical engineering. This was super exciting and has led me to switch majors to Green Energy Technology. I would love to work here when I’m done with school. They have a great team here.“

Florian Graser
College Intern


Günter Baur started his company in 1961 in a one-person office. His engineering enterprise has since grown to one of the largest ones in the region. The company continued to grow and our headquarters in Hassfurt added new departments. We now also have nine satellite offices. In the 1980s, we rebranded ourselves as BAURCONSULT Architects and Engineers when the engineers Andreas Baur and Albrecht Kitz as well as the architect Peter Kuhn took over the company. Today, our company is one of the largest, privately-owned construction and engineering companies in Germany. We are committed to keeping our position and have decided, after 58 exciting years, to relocate our headquarters to the Hassfurt Industrial Park. Our new building will have three stories and work spaces for about 230 employees. We call this new work environment ”New Work” and intend to increase the cooperation and communication between our specialists even further.

In 2020, we started to increase the number of board members from five to eight. But we are still a family-owned company. We still offer secure jobs without the bureaucracy of a large company, much to the appreciation of our staff.

Architecture entails keeping an eye out for visual appeal and flow of a structure while, at the same time, honoring all technical and legal aspects of the project. This can only be done well with an interdisciplinary team of experts. This is a huge advantage we have because we are all in close proximity and can easily communicate with each other.“

Roman Kuhn
Architecture Department Head, Board Member


We intentionally encourage a casual work environment, easy access, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with each other in interdisciplinary teams. We offer flexible and part-time work schedules. And when someone runs into problems finding childcare, we have been known to pitch in and help find a nanny. Or when one of our apprentices, a Syrian refugee, unexpectedly had to find new housing, the entire office went house hunting for him.

„As an engineer, you want complicated projects. To me, BAURCONSULT is a very attractive employer based on the complexity of the projects and the team approach to everything. My department has an ideal mix of young and more experienced members, where the knowledge is shared happily. I learn something new every day.“

Philipp Hahn
Head of Department Structural Engineering, Board Member


Most of our positions are not in traditionally female disciplines. But our gender distribution is almost 50:50. We are proud of that! We also appreciate the fact that many of our employees are willing to commute long distances to be able to work for us because they enjoy the atmosphere. At all of our locations, we provide vocational training in a wide range of disciplines, from drafting to sales. We like hiring our young apprentices after their training and strive for a balanced mix of young enthusiasm and mature experience. But regardless of age or background, we are big on continuing education. This is how we ensure a bright future for our company.

Office Trips



To promote team spirit and build personal connections, we take trips to other offices, such as in Copenhagen, Bilbao, Vienna, or Cologne. We also use these trips to visit architecturally interesting sites as well.