Hassberg Kliniken, Hassfurt and Ebern

The Hassberg Kliniken hospitals are a cooperative of the two general hospitals in the towns of Hassberg and Ebern. The hospitals provide general and routine medical care for the people in the Hassberge region. The highly trained physicians and medical teams at the two hospitals treat more than 27,000 patients annually, over 10,000 of them a inpatients.

The scope of treatments available at the hospitals is comprehensive and of high standard medically. Both facilities work together closely and collaborate with other doctor’s offices on our campus, as well as with ambulatory care facilities in the region. Our patients enjoy the best medical care, fast diagnostic testing, a comprehensive spectrum of therapies, and short wait times.

The Clinics’ Scope of Services

The Hassfurt Hospital has a capacity of 150 regular beds and a staff of 400 that takes care of our patients’ needs. We offer medical care in internal medicine (cardiology and GI), surgery (general, trauma, and vascular), geriatric acute care, geriatric trauma, gynecology, as well as labor and delivery. Patients can also take advantage of a broad spectrum of physical therapy services at this location.

The Ebern Hospital serves around 3,000 patients annually. The facility has 70 regular beds and specializes in internal medicine, palliative care, general, trauma and vascular surgery, anesthesiology including new high capacity hand washing stations.

Geriatric Medicine – An Emphasis on the Future

Lately, the Hassberge Kliniken have moved into the direction of improved geriatric medical services. The geriatric acute care center and the geriatric trauma center treat people of advanced age, the palliative care center in Ebern, takes care of patients with terminal conditions.

Working at the Hassberge Kliniken

The Hassberge Kliniken offer a variety of attractive career and continuing education opportunities to physicians, trained medical staff, as well other health care personnel. Deep insights and hands-on experience in all medical and therapy specialties can be obtained thanks to a close collaboration with other specialty hospitals in the area, especially the University Hospital in Würzburg and the Leopoldina Hospital in Schweinfurt.

Medical Students can complete their rotations and fellowships at the Hassberge Kliniken and the hospitals also employ medical students.

Graduates, Fellows, and Physicians re-entering the workforce have the option to become certified as General Practitioners. The General Practitioner training program is supported by affiliated general care practitioners and other physicians in the area.

Nursing Care Vocational Training Center

“Keep what works – and try new things” is the motto of the Nursing Care Vocational Training Center. The center opened its doors 15 years ago with the mission to train young people at the Hassberg Kliniken as well as the Leopoldina Hospital in Schweinfurt as nursing assistants and LPNs.

The Hassberge Kliniken also welcome entry-level professionals who need to complete clinical rotations as part of their training or continuing education requirements, such as EMTs and paramedics, CNAs, nursing education students, and free service-year volunteers.