Main-Klinik Ochsenfurt Hospital

The town of Ochsenfurt, also known as the town of towers, is located in Würzburg County, in the southern Maindreieck area.  In 1958, the Main-Klinik hospital was built on the Greinberg Mountain in Ochsenfurt.

Since then, the Main-Klinik has provided inpatient and outpatient medical care to the residents of Ochsenfurt and the surrounding area. The hospital is also the base of the rescue helicopter Christoph 18 and is a trauma center. The Main-Klinik is a public institution operated by the county of Würzburg.

Scope of Services

Every hour of every day, we touch lives. This is the mission of the Main-Klinik and how we fulfill our public mandate. The hospital has 140 patient beds and treats patients according to the latest medical standards and guidelines. Services are offered in anesthesiology and intensive care, general and abdominal surgery, trauma surgery and orthopedics, internal medicine, urology, ophthalmology, gynecology, ENT, as well as neurosurgery. We provide extensive nursing and allied health services as well as chaplain and volunteer services.

Working at the Main-Klinik

The Ochsenfurt Main-Klinik operates on teamwork and team decisions. Physicians and medical students treat patients with many clinical diagnoses and also continue their professional development through continuing education programs. The hospital offers upward mobility and great opportunities for a successful and fulfilling medical career.

Continuing education for physicians is available at the hospital in internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care and urology.

In 2020, the Main-Klinik became an official teaching hospital for the Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg. Medical students can now complete their clinical requirements in the areas of internal medicine and surgery at the hospital.

The Klinik offers top-notch vocational training for young people in four trades, providing our students with the opportunity for a great start into the professional world. We train people in allied health, business and nursing careers. Students get to explore a variety of career options during their clinical rotations at the hospital.

The Main-Klinik as Employer

We are medium size, operate like a family-run business, but have a modern corporate structure and culture. We are one of the largest healthcare employers in the region and stand out for our diverse medical and non-medical job opportunities and career options.

The hospital also has an award-winning, family-friendly employee program that includes flexible work schedules, work schedules tailored according to employees’ age and life-phase, part-time work, childcare services and financial support for childcare expenses.

These Benefits Attract People to the Main-Klinik

  • Secure jobs and government pay scales
  • Financial support for childcare expenses of up to €50 monthly per child
  • Paid time off for child and elder care
  • Team approach
  • Employee-friendly on-call schedule
  • Public transportation discounts
  • Car leasing discounts
  • Company health management program