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Innovation that Stems from Tradition

We have always valued technical innovation and the flexibility of a mid-size organization. Jakob Preh, the founder of our company, got us off to a great start in 1919, when he recognized the signs of the times and started making equipment and components for the fledgling broadcasting industry. His successors had a similar knack for innovation and entered the automotive market, where we are poised to become a global player for automotive electronics.

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Preh GmbH
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Whether it’s on the steering wheel or the dashboard: any place where there are knobs or buttons or, more recently, touchscreens, Preh products found in today’s vehicles are indispensable. Big automotive manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Ford, GM, Porsche or VW trust our ground-breaking solutions. Just recently, we showed our innovative spirit, and started providing pioneering touch control buttons for the steering wheels of all new Mercedes E-Class sedans. We are the first company to offer this technology to the automotive industry. We are furthermore working on innovations in the areas of e-mobility, commercial vehicle HMI, as well as our own Preh Car Connect and Preh IMA automation.

„I started maing equipment and systems for Preh as an apprentice and, after two years of full-time studies, I rejoined the Preh team in 2015. I have been working in hardware development ever since and, together with my colleagues, I have developed circuit boards. It makes me proud when I see certain vehicles on the road and I know that they have technology in them that I helped create.“

Sara Hofmann
Hardware Development


Our roots are in the idyllic town of Bad Neustadt an der Saale, but our reach is global. Our facilities in China, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Mexico and the United States help us introduce our products to the world. Regardless of location, all of our 7,000 employees all operate under the same motto: “We drive innovation!” This is what unites us and motivates everybody to do their best.

„Going to college in Regensburg got me used to city life. So when I started working for Preh, I was initially concerned about whether I would like living in a place like Bad Neustadt and the Rhön region. But those concerns evaporated quickly. Once here, I found that this area is rich in culture, recreational opportunities and outdoor spaces. So I found a great job and a great place to live!“

Ben Reder
Electro Mobility Software Development Department Lead


Despite our global footprint today, the Bavarian roots of our company are palpable at all of our locations. We are family-friendly and fair. It is not surprising that many who start out with us as apprentices, continue to work for us for decades. And they pride themselves for being “Preh’lers.” This great loyalty motivates many employees to participate in voluntary company functions, such as the Werkorchester (plant orchestra). The orchestra has been entertaining guests at company events and official ceremonies for over 80 years and is one of the oldest plant orchestras in Germany.

„At Preh, we combine the best of the international nature of a global enterprise and the culture of a mid-size, regional company. We are an interesting mix of folks with deep roots in this area and those, who came here for work, and decided to stay.“

Armin Peter Six
Human Resource Director


The past and the present are important to us, but we are mostly focused on the future. Jakob Preh was our cheerleader in that from the start. Site expansions are standard for us, as are the investment in our employees. For apprentices, we provide technical as well as personal guidance. For the ambitious ones, we even offer the opportunity to participate in projects at our foreign production sites. This is how we prepare the next generation for the demands of the markets of the future.

Electro mobility is a major focus of ours today and we make battery management systems for the complex battery systems of today’s electric vehicles, such as the BMW i3 and the BMW i8. This is an emerging field that we expect to grow exponentially in the near future. Our company history proves that we are always on the cutting edge. We have reinvented ourselves many times and yet, we are still the same company. That’s how we like it.

Apprentice Camp



To make the transition to work life easier for our young apprentices and college interns, we start them out every year with a multi-day camp away from the company. We develop confidence and team spirit through indoor and outdoor activities. But we also teach critical skills, such as reliability and initiative. Other skills we develop include communication skills, how to give positive feedback and handle criticism. And we do it all in a fun way.



Quite a few of our Preh employees contribute musically to our Werkorchester in their free time. They are so talented that our orchestra has been considered an ambassador of our company for a long time. The orchestra started out in 1934 as a brass band and is one of the oldest plant orchestras in Germany. They are always a welcomed part of any company events.