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More than Just Money…

We care about more than just money. We care about people and Strive to make a difference. As a modern provider of financial services, we support our customers in their quest to fulfill their goals and dreams. Many of them do business with us throughout the course of their entire lives, from the first checking account to financing of nursing care. To us, long-term relationships built on trust are essential, not just when it comes to customers, but also when it comes to employees. Currently, we employ about 1,500 highly engaged associates. This makes us the fourth largest Sparkasse in Bavaria and one of the largest employers in our region.

Serving Our Customers for 200 Years

The Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg was founded in 1822 as one of the first urban credit unions in Bavaria. Even though a lot has changed since, our mission has remained the same: To empower the residents of the area to enjoy economic and social participation in our organization.

„I enjoy the direct contact with my customers the most. Every day, I get to meet interesting entrepreneurs and get a clos-up introduction to their business’s culture. This is especially rewarding around Christmas, when the contacts become more personal, and it becomes evident how important my contributions are to them and how much my customers value me.“
Fabian Mantel
Customer Service Associate
Porträt eines Mitarbeiters von Sparkasse Mainfranken in Würzburg

Close to the People, Close to the Region

To this day, our most important objective is to engage our customers and to sustainably support the quality of life in our area. Therefore, we are involved in social and environmental causes, and we support the arts, culture, and sports. Our commitment runs so deep that many of our employees go above and beyond by volunteering after hours.

To be and to remain close to the residents of this region is one of our core values. We freely adapt to changing times and social standards. Whether in a personal consultation or digitally online, we meet our customers where they need us.

Porträt eines Mitarbeitenden der Sparkasse Mainfranken in Würzburg
„I have worked at the Sparkasse for about 30 years. Since my apprenticeship here, I have worked in almost every department. I like working in human resources because it offers a lot of variety and it is intrinsically rewarding. I get to help our employees as well as the organization as a whole.“
Benedikt Schwab
Director of Human Resources

Secure and individual to professional Success

Working for us means exciting tasks, an attractive work environment and long-term job prospects. As a public entity, our wages are tied to government wage scales. This equates to stability and security, even in challenging times. Our employees value our team spirit and egalitarian culture.

Anybody wishing for more, can get it. This holds true for career changers as well. We offer a wide array of training and continuing education courses to help our associates get ahead at work as well as in their personal lives.

„Working at the Sparkasse is special to me because of the deep roots of the organization has in this region. Würzburg is home and we all like to contribute to a common cause…“
Kristin Mößlein
Sales Support Team Lead
Porträt einer Mitarbeitenden der Sparkasse Mainfranken in Würzburg

More Flexibility, More Satisfaction

We are all about work-life balance because we value the well-being of our employees. We offer flexible work schedules, mobile work arrangements, as well as a number of health and fitness programs. We assist our employees in finding childcare and eldercare services by participating in the services offered by the Arbeiterwohlfahrt. And then we offer “Bring Your KIDS TO Work” days when we provide in-house childcare and activities for the young ones.

A Great Start to Your New Job



We introduce new employees to our Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg family at special “introduction” events. Aside from exciting details, our new associates also get valuable tips for succeeding in their new place of work. But most importantly, they get to know their new colleagues and get welcomed to our team.
Employee Casino



Stylish, appealing, and tasty: Our new employee casino is more than just a cafeteria. It is a modern and open space that lends itself for meetings, to re-energize, relax, and hang out with colleagues. And food always tastes better in the company of favorite people!
Team Events



Our annual team events are always a big hit! Our teams get to decide for themselves how they want to spend their day: leisurely, creatively, or adventurous. The events range from casual wine hikes to whitewater canoe trips. Anything, as long as it is fun!