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Elder care, support for the handicapped, counseling and services for children, youth and families are the areas we are involved in. No one day is like another. We support the individual needs of people and provide solutions to problems. Our employees use their expertise and creativity daily. On a larger scale, social and economic developments also require a constant willingness to innovate.

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AWO Bezirksverband Unterfranken e. V.
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At the core of our work is the individual person and their abilities. We strive to support and strengthen those abilities and develop new concepts for that all the time. When it comes to elder care, we believe in community living. This is not only a good model to care for old folks, it also makes it possible for every individual to contribute to the daily operation of the community to the best of their abilities, and seniors can enjoy meaningful activities that way. We also work hard at enabling as normal as possible a life for the disabled and severely disabled. We come up with creative ways to place them in suitable jobs. One such project involved converting an old training facility in the town of Marktbreit into a hotel for the handicapped.

„My job as an administrative assistant is never boring. While I do spend a fair amount of time at my desk, I still am in close contact with our residents. I also manage our social media presence and develop marketing initiatives. I am being encouraged to be independently creative and I know that the company will always have my back. This is such a great feeling.“

Özlem Aksu
Administrative Assistant

our Core Value is Purpose

Having a purpose is important to our 2,500 employees at 80 facilities. It is our motivation at work. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than to help another human being. But we offer more benefits to our staff than that: They get to create their own work schedules, can count on set core work hours, work from home is an option, and we offer continuing education, money for child care, and referral bonuses. We are a leader in innovative work schedule solutions. Our employees have a lifetime account with us. Employees can deposit overtime hours or money into that account and later their deposits for a sabbatical, family time or anything they want to.

„I decided in grade school that I wanted to go into business management. But I didn’t want a job that was office work only. I like human contact. AWO is a perfect match for me. I also like the fact that, despite its size, the company still feels like a family. So I am really excited that I was asked to continue working here after my training.“

Elisa Mühl
Third Year Apprentice, Office Management Trainee

innovation Is Made

We don’t come up with new concepts overnight. To the contrary: We have implemented key elements that aid in idea development and allow us to continually evolve. We have an annual Innovation Day where we bring together all our leaders for the purpose of developing new ideas. Also, annual employee surveys tell us what our staff wants and how they would like for us to improve. After all, they are the ones who work with the patients and need to work with the new tools and processes.

„The great thing about healthcare is that there are so many ways to get more qualifications in so many different areas, and this opens up leadership positions even without a college education. As a residential unit supervisor, I continue to work with our patients. But I also do administrative work and spend time working with apprentices. I like that variety.“

Daniel Beck
Senior Care Specialist

A Community

It doesn’t matter whether we are developing new ideas or provide patient care, we take care of everything we do as a team. This makes us stronger and it makes it easier to get through problems and past obstacles. We understand the need to strengthen that community every day. The completion of a new product is always a cause for celebration. We also get together and enjoy each other’s company at summer and Christmas events.

AWO against Racism



Discrimination and racism have no place in our organization. We publicly denounce any such practices through media messages at, e.g., regional top sports events or by putting up posters. But we also combat racism in everyday life, by not allowing it to happen at any of our facilities.
Innovative Ideas



Just as everybody else, we are at the mercy of social and economic developments. We react by coming up with innovative ideas that benefit our customers. For example, we are completely redefining our ideas of living arrangements at our residential facilities, and we manage cafes and hotels for handicapped people.
Leadership Expedition



We want for our employees to like working for us. The leadership style of our managers is a critical element in that. So we send them on “trips” regularly. First on the agenda is for them to get to know themselves. Then we train them in how to support their staff in a respectful manner through thick and thin.