High Quality Health care for everyone

Excellent medical care for everyone, at all times – and in rural areas. What sounds like a vision is much more than that for us – it is the incentive to keep rethinking healthcare. With the new campus at our headquarters in the spa and electromobility city of Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale, we are taking this to a whole new dimension.

A Revolutionary Concept

The implementation of our RHÖN Campus concept is a lighthouse project with model character for the healthcare of the future in Germany and throughout Europe. As a hospital, we are assuming social responsibility for our region by already counteracting a threatening lack of medical care in rural areas and addressing patients’ high demands for treatment quality and time flexibility.

The core of the concept is integrative processes: That is, acute, rehabilitation and outpatient care are closely interlinked. And even after a patient has left our campus, we do not leave him or her alone – if necessary, we are also there for our patients at home. General practitioners and specialists, nurses and therapists as well as other healthcare providers work closely together with us.

High-tech Medicine in rural areas

Although we operate primarily as a full-service provider in rural areas, we are in no way inferior in quality to clinics in metropolitan areas. Patients in the fields of cardiac medicine, orthopedic surgery, neurology and psychosomatics in particular travel to the Rhön from all over Germany to be treated by us. With the university hospitals in Gießen and Marburg, we have the great advantage of having university facilities directly within the Group. This enables us to quickly apply new research findings across the board.

However, effective and efficient modern medicine also requires the use of new technologies and digitization at all levels. Digital medical history, digital knowledge management for doctors, online appointment management, etc. are therefore important building blocks to make our employees’ work easier and thus to treat our patients in the best possible way and support them in their recovery.

People know each other here

Full health care from the first diagnosis to aftercare at home as well as high-tech medicine naturally speak for themselves. However, we also have a special feeling of togetherness, which is not a matter of course for a hospital of this size – after all, we have almost 3,000 employees in Bad Neustadt alone. Both employees and patients have very close emotional ties to the region and thus to each other. It is therefore not surprising that our employees remain loyal to us for a very long time.

To ensure that “newcomers” are also quickly integrated into this social network, we supported their start with help in finding accommodation.

It is not only the Corona pandemic that shows how important nursing professions are in our society. We need qualified nurses and trainees in this sector. After all, special know-how is needed to be able to respond competently to nursing, medical and social challenges.