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FRÄNKISCHE, as we call ourselves, is synonymous with the color yellow, our company’s bright and highly visible color scheme. Choosing that was not uncontroversial, many years ago. Like all strategic decisions we make, we looked at the big picture during that process. For us, the color yellow represents our traditions as well as innovation. Yellow is after all the color of the first corrugated, continuously manufactured synthetic drainage pipes we made. These pipes revolutionized the drainage industry in the 1960s and made us what we are today.

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Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co. KG
Hellinger Straße 1
97486 Königsberg/Bayern
P +49 (0)9525 888701
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For over 100 years, our corporate philosophy has been to offer top quality products and satisfy our customers. In order to do that, we continuously improve upon proven products and systems, and we readily move into future markets and technology. Consequently, you not only find our products on German construction sites and agricultural fields, but in industrial settings and in almost every vehicle built today, worldwide. As a family-run business, our highest priority is to guarantee continued growth.

„My mother worked here and I knew early on that I also wanted to work at FRÄNKISCHE. After getting my education and becoming an industrial mechanic, I worked here in logistics and later in production automation. All this led to my current position. I love the fact that, today, I can work with fellow employees all over the world, learning about their cultures.“

Daniel Fischer
Processing Coordinator for International Markets


Our company currently employs more than 4,500 employees at 22 production sites and distribution centers all over the world. Nevertheless, our roots are at our company headquarters in Königsberg in Bavaria. This is where we come from. And it is the people here who have fueled our success. Many of our staff have worked for us for decades and there are entire families who have worked for us for generations. That kind of loyalty is priceless. The owners and operators, Otto and Julius Kirchner, are therefore committed to maintaining a familial atmosphere, regardless of the company’s growth. They lead by example: They are respectful to every employee and are always approachable. They appreciate each individual’s contributions to the whole.

„I spent three years at FRÄNKISCHE as an apprentice, getting to know the entire organization, and now landed in my future position in the department “Drainage System Exports.” My proficiency in German as well as English is a big help. And who knows, the company continues to grow, so I may soon use my Russian language skills as well.“

Viktoria Majewski
Industrial Business Management Apprentice


When it comes to relaxing after hours, the beautiful location of our headquarters at the edge of the Hassberge Mountains is a huge plus. Close by, you find numerous opportunities for outdoor activities; something corporations in big cities simply can’t offer. We hold our own in comparison with larger employers in other ways as well. For example, we have been offering flexible work schedules for a long time already.

To make it easier for our staff to reconcile work with family, FRÄNKISCHE offers a two-week long summer camp for kids at our headquarters in Königsberg. We collaborate with local organizations involved in building multi-generational systems for that purpose. Our international footprint also allows us to offer employees opportunities for personal and professional growth. Aside from vocational continuing education, we offer language courses.


„It took me 14 years to get from being an apprentice to being a production lead. Even though I have worked hard, I never expected to rise up that quickly. FRÄNKISCHE offers excellent opportunities for advancement. But, maybe even more importantly, the atmosphere is amazingly friendly. Everybody knows everybody and even our bosses, Otto and Julius Kirchner, go around shaking everybody’s hands.“

Wilhelm Ritter
Production Lead

Employee Celebration



Young and old enjoy each other’s company at our employee celebration. Former employees, retirees and everybody’s families are invited as well. The entertainment is always great fun and usually includes running events and mountain bike races. A big hit is the soccer tournament where we end up crowning the new FRÄNKISCHE soccer champions.
Fitness Training – Running



We love to be physically active and therefore offer professionally supervised fitness training as part of our company’s health incentives. We believe this benefits our employees’ health and wellbeing. The annual highlight is the Zeiler Trail Marathon, an event that we not only sponsor, but participate in with a team of about 40 runners.



We value our families and during the summer break, children of employees got to spend a week at our facility. They were cared for by camp counselors and had a grand time with the programs offered. Our mascot FRÄNKI was part of the fun as well and received many hugs. Since the camp was such a huge success, we will continue to offer summer camps in the future.