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Working at Wölfel Engineering GmbH

We Deliver Great Sound

For more than 45 years, the Wölfel team has been busy making sure our clients get a great night’s sleep, enjoy a smooth car ride, and are treated to a perfect sound experience at a concert. Vibrations, structural mechanical engineering and acoustics are the home court of the Wölfel team. That’s where we shine and are at our best. Since vibrations are everywhere all the time, there is always something for us to work on. Every project presents itself with its unique challenges and there is a Wölfel answer to every vibration issue. Solving an issue may require an engineering solution, a new piece of equipment, or a software installation.

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Not many engineers deal with vibrations. The few that are, are the kind of people we are looking for. Our positions require a great deal of skill and expertise, you get to work creatively, and there is no shortage of variety.

We work on more than 1,000 projects every year, and they couldn’t be any more diverse. We always look for the best possible solution and, interestingly enough, more often than not, that solution presents itself during conversations with specialists from other disciplines. So it is no surprise that we are looking for co-workers who think outside the box and thrive in a team. Your expertise is what makes us successful and we like to utilize it in many different ways. For example, earthquake engineering was originally developed for nuclear power plants but has found multiple applications in the oil industry.


„My first impression of the Wölfel team during my interview was that they were a great fit for me. Everybody was respectful and friendly. I love the cooperative work environment here: we help each other solve issues that none of us could solve by ourselves. Also, the work flow is optimally dialed in, which allows for the fast and effective completion of tasks. Another factor that made the transition to this job easy is the fact that I like living in Würzburg. The city feels young and alive – and there is water!"

Natalia Suárez
Noise Pollution Engineer

„In order to be the best when it comes to solving issues related to vibrations and sound waves, you have to have top-notch employees from all STEM areas. The scope of work is challenging and allows employees to build on their strengths. Since we are keenly aware that the best solutions are found when people work together, we look for associates who are respectful and who like being part of a team. Together we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible – this is what drives us.“

Dr. Steffen Pankoke
General Manager

We are highly specialized, but we tackle vibrational issues in any setting, which makes us resistant to economic ups and downs. Our company offers solutions for wind turbine manufacturing issues, civil engineering problems, environmental and emissions protection, automotive manufacturing, industrial plant construction, power plant technology, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering projects. We are continually diversifying by taking advantage of technology transfer and wide-reaching professional connections. The issues we tackle are at the highest level of complexity. We don’t offer standard solutions that any engineer knows how to apply. We take on high-end projects. This involves a high level of mathematics and abstract thinking. Our mission is to turn theoretical calculations into topnotch practical applications.

„I worked at Wölfel as an intern during college already. Today, I make sure wind turbines are functioning optimally. The work has practical applications and it is fun. I enjoy the fact that we work in interdisciplinary teams. Our projects are extremely varied and affect every imaginable facet of life. This keeps the work interesting.“

Dr. Sebastian Katz
Director of Development, Monitoring Systems and Noise & Vibration Control


Our solutions are making a difference worldwide. We have satellite offices are in Hamburg and Berlin, we work with two other companies and are partners in yet two more. Our group has an annual revenue of 20 million Euros, 10 percent of which comes from projects in other countries. We value personal connections and regional roots.

The Wölfel team is proud to be a leader in technology in a variety of sectors and we strive to keep that edge. We love to innovate and, every year, we spend 15 percent of our profits on research and development. This is in continuation of the philosophy of the company’s founder, the engineer Prof. Dr. Horst Peter Wölfel, who, fittingly, started the company in 1971 in his living room in the town of Höchberg. Wölfel’s goal starting out was to use the results of academic research in practical ways to help corporations. Bridging the gap between theory and practice still defines our mission and we enjoy a leading role in Europe when it comes to solving vibration issues.


„My girlfriend and I used to live in Berlin. But now that we have a small family, we wanted to get out of the big city and move back home. Franken offers the perfect work-life balance. And I like to be challenged. I like the constant interactions with other specialists and the fact that everybody helps everybody here. Wölfel feels like a family operation that embodies values that I can subscribe to. The goal is not a quick profit. The goal is to find the best possible solution.“

Janosch Blaul
Director of Acoustics, Product Manager for IMMI Software

What started out with one employee has grown to over 100, all part of interdisciplinary teams. Walking across our company grounds, you notice that we employ people from all over the world, such as India, the US, Chile, Colombia, or Taiwan. Many of them come to us directly after college and, more often than not, spend their entire careers with us. Employees stay because we offer an environment that provides challenges and space to develop new skills. Plus we are located in the popular Mainfranken region that has so much to offer for a great quality of life.

Right in Nature



Our company headquarters are located in Höchberg, on the edge of Würzburg - and right in nature. Our employees don’t only enjoy a nice, green view, but also visits from four-legged visitors, such as “Rambo” the turtle, who enjoys our green space just as much as we do.
Company Summer Fest



Our annual summer fest is a big hit with employees and their families. The event includes fun programs, performances and activities for every age group. We all get to know each other better and get to meet everybody’s families.
Team Spirit



Success is best achieved when working together. To foster our team spirit, we participate in numerous sporting events every year, such as the Würzburg Company Race, where we compete hard as a team to win. This mirrors how we achieved the leading position in our market and continue to stay ahead of the competition.