Working at Knauf Gips KG

Rooted Locally and at Home in the World

For construction experts and lay people alike, the name Knauf is synonymous with plaster. And plaster continues to be a big part of our success to this day, but not exclusively anymore. Today, our company is one of the leading producers worldwide of drywall construction systems, cleaning supplies and materials, heat insulation compound systems, paints, floor resurfacing compounds, floor systems, insulation, as well as construction machinery and tools. We have about 35,000 employees at more than 250 productions sites in over 90 countries. Our annual earnings are over €10 billion. We have offices on every continent and feel at home anywhere in the world.

We Operate Sustainably Today and Plan for the Future

In 1932, the brothers Alfons and Karl Knauf acquired the rights to extract gypsum from a deposit in the community of Schengen at the Obermosel River. The following year, the built their first plaster factory. This laid the foundation for the Knauf Company that is still owned by the same family.

Knauf still is a family operation. As such, we don’t chase after quick profits, but seek sustainability for generations to come. We also look at the long-term consequences of everything we do. We are committed to minimize our ecological, social and economic impact on the environment. This is one of our goals: To operate sustainably today and plan for the future.

„I like working at Knauf because it fits my needs perfectly. I find it fascinating that our company branches out from Iphofen to the rest of the world. My grandfather already worked at Knauf and I knew early on that I wanted to work here as well. The relaxed work atmosphere is a perfect fit for me.“
Julia Reischl
Accounts Receivable Tax Expert
Portrait of an employee of Knauf Gips KG in Kitzingen, Germany

A Locally Rooted International Player

Working for us provides you with a view of the world. Our engineers, architects, trades workers, and other specialists employed in research, testing, marketing and customer service work all over the world. We continue to be involved in many high-caliber construction projects, such as the Allianz Arena in Munich, the City Castle in Berlin, or the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg. Yet, we stick to our roots, continue to be family owned, and keep our company headquarters in the vintner town of Iphofen. The area is beautiful, offers many services and has a good infrastructure.

Portrait of an employee of the company Knauf Gips KG in Kitzingen
„Knauf is a classic hidden champion: modest, pragmatic, and focused on the future. Characteristic are a lack of hierarchies, teamwork, as well as quick and un-bureaucratic decision-making processes. This creates space and opportunities for employees to participate directly in interdisciplinary projects.“
Daniel Gabel
Corporate Lawyer

We are always looking for People who are looking for Challenges

For our company, we are looking for people who take on challenges and want to grow professionally as well as personally. Everything we do follows an established value system that all of us share.

Knauf offers job security and a multitude of opportunities for development and advancement. Our company values innovative thinking and openness towards new technologies.

All our products are undergoing a constant process of quality control and improvement. Furthermore, our company is actively seeking out new market developments, turns them into opportunities to provide timely and fitting solutions.

Two employees of the company Knauf Gips KG laughing in Kitzingen

Employees are our Capital

We want to remain a worldwide leader in the construction industry for many years to come. Therefore, we don’t only invest in new markets and regions, but also in our employees. Employees are our capital. Thanks to this commitment, Focus Magazine has named us one of the best national employers four years in a row. Our “Knauf Academy” offers 100 different continuing education training programs. We collaborate with universities, industrial and trades organizations to support any of our employees who wish to get additional training and gain more skills.

Dragon Boat Race



Dragon Boat events are a perfect team sports and teambuilding opportunity. Our crew, the “Gypsum Sharks,” always participates at the annual race in Kitzingen.
Open House for Children



The open house provides 130 children between the ages of 6 and 12 the opportunity to learn about our company and their parents’ jobs. They get to tour our production facilities and the logistics department, they get to paint and do arts and crafts projects, and they are treated to entertaining performances.
Company Days



Every year we invite customers to our company days at six different times and locations throughout Germany. We exchange information and opinions concerning new developments, systems solutions, and trends in the business. Our company day motto has always been: Experience. Connect. Build.