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Concepts and ideas for the mobility of tomorrow

At ZF we work on new concepts and ideas for next generation mobility solutions. ZF is a technology company that provides mobility systems for personal and commercial vehicles, as well as industrial applications all over the world. ZF makes vehicles see, think, and act. ZF offers comprehensive product and software solutions for established vehicle manufacturers, as well as newcomers in the transportation and mobility services sector. We provide systems for vehicle motion control, integrated security, automated driving, and e-mobility.

ZF has over 150,000 employees at 270 facilities in 42 countries. Our location in Schweinfurt employs about 9,000 people. In 2020, ZF had a volume of sales totaling €32.6 billion. ZF is committed to supporting the development of electric vehicles, to help lower CO2 emissions from traffic and to protect our climate. To that end, ZF offers hybrid modules, plug-in hybrid transmissions, electric motors for electric vehicles, and all the electronics and system integrations needed to make it all work.

Within our corporation, the Schweinfurt location is an important one. Back in 2008, we started the first mass production of electric motors for hybrid vehicles in Schweinfurt. And in 2019, the Schweinfurt plant launched the first mass application of a fully integrated electric axle drive for a German manufacturer of high-end vehicles.

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„We provide the framework so our employees can balance work and private life well. We do this by working together in a win-win manner.“

Marcus Giek
Human Resource Director, Schweinfurt Facility


ZF’s greatest strength has always been to be able to anticipate trends in the mobility sector, to implement the ideas and turn them into outstanding products. Common goals and common values are the key for our enduring success. We are enthusiastic about mobility and work on it passionately. We make bold decisions that lead to exceptional products that help our clients. We value teamwork and reap the rewards when people with different mentalities, ideas, and from different parts of the world collaborate. This is creativity at its best. Accordingly, all of our training and career opportunities have international and interdisciplinary focus.

„Many of my colleagues moved to Schweinfurt for the job. Since ZF is a very welcoming company, everybody feels at home quickly, at work but also in the city. Many casual work connections have led to tight friendships.“

Maurice Naumann
Development Engineer, Calculations and Simulations


We are committed to helping our employees balance work and family obligations. We continue to improve already existing programs that help with work-life balance, and we keep adding new ones. We offer flexible work schedules, mobile offices, work-at-home options, parental leave and much more. Adding to the appeal of ZF as an employer, we cultivate a climate of cooperation and we value a friendly work environment, where employees like to be involved. After work events and activities, such as our soccer tournament, running groups, and our own music group, also promote community and teambuilding.

„Many of my family members do or have worked at ZF. I knew early on that I wanted to do the same. I started out as an apprentice and continued to get more training and experience. Today, I teach apprentices and it makes me happy when I get them excited about this work.“

Julia Schug
Apprentice Preceptor

„I have been working at ZF for over 17 years. The e-mobility sector continues to challenge me at work. I am part of international and multi-facility project teams, which I greatly enjoy. And the location in Schweinfurt is a great bonus as well..“

Udo Niehaus
Project Development Director, Electric Vehicle Transmissions


Aside from offering attractive jobs, our location in Schweinfurt is another big draw. Our Schweinfurt plant enjoys a great infrastructure and has always been in the lead when it comes to making new inventions and improving our mobility product line. This innovative spirit has been a hallmark of ours from the start and it attracts people to our company who like a creative and challenging work environment. Schweinfurt is one of the most dynamic cities in Germany. It’s location in the heart of the Mainfranken region offers many opportunities and a high quality of life – also and especially for young families.

„ZF offered me a job that allowed me to do exactly what I wanted to do. Since 2011, I have been part of a young and interdisciplinary team working on new developments in the e-mobility sector. I have been able to increase my competencies over the years and broaden my scope of work.“

Morteza Djebeli-Sinaki
Electronics Engineer, E-Mobility Sector

The Past: ZF Sachs Exhibit



The ZF Sachs Exhibit at ZF Friedrichshafen teaches about the history of our company. You learn about the making of the Sachs brand and the history of Fichtel & Sachs. The static and interactive video displays take you on an exciting journey through the illustrious history of our company.
The Future: Our Offspring



We offer vocational training in eight different subject areas and internships in six. At our Schweinfurt location, we have a modern training facility and opportunities for participation in exciting projects. There are many career opportunities available after your training, many of them overseas!
The Present: E-Mobility Production



We used to make clutches and bumpers at our 40 year-old production hall. Today, we make state-of-the-art electric axle drives here. We have invested 25 million into the modernization of this location and make axle drives for hybrid and electric motors from more than 200 different parts.