We are world leaders in research, teaching and care

Beside Heidelberg, Cologne and Erfurt, Würzburg is one of the oldest university towns in the German-speaking region.

In 1581, the first kind of a university hospital was established at the University of Würzburg. This connection between the University and the hospital is still alive, strong and with many remarkable results.

Beyond any doubt, a highlight of this interdisciplinary medical development was the discovery of the X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in Würzburg in 1895.

In 19 clinics with policlinics and three autonomous policlinics as well as four clinical institutes, with altogether more than 7000 employees, we take care of about 330.000 patients each year.

In addition, many clinical centers with interdisciplinary cooperation work under our leadership, like for example, the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT WERA). Up to the present day, our hospital ranks highly among German comprehensive clinics for maximum medical care. Not only do we conduct medical education but also students are qualified in six vocational centers, like for example, nurses and physiotherapists.