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University Hospital Würzburg

We are Leaders in Research, Education and Health Care

We have a proud 400 year history and are one of the oldest university hospitals in the German-speaking realm. Yet we are also one of the most modern ones.

Our business manager Philip Rieger sums it up like this: “Our staff does outstanding work here and, thanks to our excellent reputation, we are able to bring people from all over the world to Mainfranken. This includes patients looking for the best treatment, as well as employees looking for a great place to work. Our facility is considered one of the best hospitals in the country.”

Our campus comprises seven building pods with 19 specialty hospitals, three outpatient clinics, and four research centers. We have over 7,000 employees and take care of the medical and therapeutic needs of more than 330,000 patients every year.

Thanks to a close working relationship with the faculty of the medical school at the Würzburg University as well as other research institutes, we are offering innovative and cutting edge treatments in many areas.

“The University Hospital is a shining light of research, Education and Health Care – and also an example of commercial success.” Most importantly, we not only do our jobs extremely well, our jobs also make a difference: for the people who need our help and for the area.”

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As the only hospital in Lower Franken, we offer treatments for any kind of health care needs, and we do so at the highest level. Our facilities are located in the middle of Germany, are extremely well equipped, and staffed very well.

We treat all our patients as if they were family. We take them seriously, respect their rights and dignity, as well as their individual needs.

“We are lucky to have such a great staff. People who like to think creatively, find solutions, and strive to excel in whatever area they are working in.” We are always looking for new employees who not only know how to do their jobs well, but people who go above and beyond to provide the best care for their patients.


„All University Hospital employees contribute to humanity. We help sick and injured patients, and we guide them on their way to recovery. The work is intrinsically rewarding, and yet very demanding as well. In order for us to be successful, to keep everything operating smoothly, we all have to work together as a team."

Philip Rieger
Business Manager


We employ leaders in health care and teaching from all over the world. The University Hospital staff includes more than 1000 physicians and researchers. Their specialties are diverse, their results are forward-looking and award-winning.

At our research centers, we provide the perfect environment for making new discoveries. We are also one of the largest teaching hospitals in Germany for medical doctors and dentists.

Students at our teaching hospitals as well as other regional academic institutions learn the latest scientific approaches to modern medicine.

Having teaching hospitals also provides opportunities to our staff to learn and grow professionally.

Working at the University Hospital has additional benefits: “At our facilities, employees can grow professionally as well as personally. We offer many opportunities for advancement. The positive reviews by our employees are testament to that."


„I could already tell during my first interview that this was the right place for me. I like my position because, every day, I get to help patients with complex medical issues and save their lives. In order to accomplish this, every staff member is a necessary and a valued part of the care team. I get to help people and am appreciated for it – what more can you ask for?“

Anna Frey
Assistant Director of Internal Medicine Critical and Emergency Care


We are not your average employer. We promote your health, offer childcare, and flexible work schedules. And we always have your back.

We do all this because we know that our employees’ personal needs have to be met before they can give us their best effort. We have a very enlightened approach to human resources.

We welcome anybody. Where you come from doesn’t matter. What you can do does. Our employees come from all over the world and they work in research and everything else: patient care, administration, housekeeping and so much more. We are proud of the fact that our people come from 50 different countries.

What matters to us is a considerate, fair and trusting work environment. Regardless of what position you work in, you contribute to our success.

“Only when everybody knows that they are essential and important, regardless of their position, and that their work is making a difference, can the University Hospital succeed in its mission.”


„My team and I make sure that the heating, air conditioning and air filtration systems throughout all our facilities are working optimally. This is not an easy task. We have roughly 60 buildings, all constructed differently. It is always rewarding when we can find a quick solution to an unforeseen problem and are able to keep everything operational. This is not an uncommon occurrence and every day brings new challenges."

Markus Kobold
HVAC Technician, Director for Heating, Air Conditioning, and Filtration


We are looking for motivated people to join our team; people who don’t just do their jobs, but are interested in contributing and helping us grow.

“We are able to attract excellent workers because, through what we do, we show our commitment, each and every day.”

We offer opportunities for professional advancement at every level, from beginners to seasoned professionals. As the largest employer in the region, we offer more learning opportunities, more variety, and more opportunities to gain new skills than anybody else. Professional as well as personal development are important to us.

But that is not all we have to offer: we have the best work environment, the latest technology, many professional continuing education opportunities, and countless other benefits.

Also worth mentioning: We are a public institution and therefore all of our in-house positions are governed by guaranteed wage contracts. Start your new career today – apply now.


Giving and Preserving Life



We give and preserve life even under the most difficult circumstances. We never give up. We tackle the most complex problems. And we rejoice when patients get to go home well. These are happy occasions.
Continuing Education for Enrichment and Success



We partner with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University because we value providing education and training for all of our associates, and not just the medical staff. It is rewarding to see our people reach their goals, and we love it when interns and college students move up into leadership positions, whether it is at our hospital our elsewhere.
Getting and Staying in Shape



Optimal patient care requires for our staff to be healthy as well. Through our hospital-wide health management program, we offer health and exercise programs that range from “Weight Loss” to “Zumba.” We also organize fitness events, such as the hospital run, where we support each other from the warm up to the finish line.